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[rpd] Merges/Acquisitions/Closures document

Saul Stein saul at
Thu Feb 20 06:43:29 UTC 2014



I have had a different but similar problem in the past:

We opened a pop in another region, not connected to our existing
infrastructure, so it has its own AS. Since we hadn't used out 75% IP
allocation, we were not able to get IP space for this region (no problem
with additional AS number). I didn't go into it in depth, but guess it fell
foul partially to this policy.


The guys at AFRINIC all understood the problem, but due to "policy", the
only way around was to join again and let the other region be a second
AFRINIC member at additional cost.


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Hello Andrew,

On 19 Feb 2014 16:49, "Andrew Alston" <Andrew.Alston at
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> Hi McTim,
> See this is my question.  If this IS a set of procedures, then things it
lacks clarity on either need more process, or policy.
> An example (which I assume that up till now would be dealt with under this
> A holding company owns 8 op-co's.  Those entities continue to exist, but
the holding companies wishes to merge all their resources into the holding
company to create a single administrative entity which then sub-assigns to
its op-co's.  Now, technically this is not a merger nor an acquisition, and
the IP space will continue to be USED by the entities that it was assigned
to and for the same purpose.  However, it is merged into the holding the
company so that there is ONE member and ONE administrative entity.
> Is a situation like that covered under this document?

The way I understand the document, I think your scenario is not applicable
as the merger referred on the guideline is based on entities(organisations)
and not on resource OR better put, a merger needs to happen at organisation
level before resource update can be considered (2.1..... Following this
policy guideline, AFRINIC must ensure that for each merger and/or takeover,
the resulting organization is planning to continue using the
allocated/assigned number resources for the original criteria under which
these resources were issued.....). 

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