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[AFRINIC-rpd] Re: Policies that were on Last Call - Status

Sunday Folayan sfolayan at
Sat Aug 10 04:00:32 UTC 2013

Thank you Seun and all,

I still see a bright future for the proposal. I will discuss with my 
Co-author and we will come to a reasonable consensus on the way forward 
to make the proposal acceptable to the community.

Thanks and Regards ...


On 09/08/2013 16:51, Seun Ojedeji wrote:
> Hello Andrew,
> Thank you for your mail, kindly take the comments below as that from a 
> member of the Co-Chairs
> There were comments that specifically stressed there was no need for 
> the proposal, and there were those that indicated that further editing 
> needed do be done, also there were those who wrote in support.
> However, among all the comments there was none of the contributors who 
> had a change of mind about their stand, even though the Author(s) 
> responded to some queries, they still replied explaining why they 
> don't seem satisfied about the proposal as it stand(the list archive 
> is there to read through).
> Most of the concerns raised by every category of people we found to be 
> important. As a matter of fact, there were instances where you and 
> your co-author indicated your willingness to make some suggested edits 
> on the proposal if necessary. In other to have a "rough" community 
> acceptable policy there will be a need to reflect some of the concerns 
> raised on the current proposal and that CANNOT be done if the proposal 
> had moved up to the next level.
> This is the first time this will be happening, however i think this 
> proposal is still healthy enough and i will advice the authors of this 
> proposal to go back to the current draft (with their eraser and pen) 
> while listening to the community members to produce a proposal that is 
> at least "roughly" acceptable.
> Any other person who was shocked by the observation/decision of the 
> Co-Chairs should say this themselves while following the appropriate 
> guideline to conflict resolution as stated on the PDP.
> Thank you Andrew for your contribution and passion about Internet 
> development in our continent, and i hope this will be a challenge to 
> start thinking the "what next" and not sticking to the "why" :-)
> The Co-Chairs have generally acted in what they sense to be in the 
> interest of the community.
> Kind Regards
> On Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 2:45 PM, Andrew Alston 
> <alston.networks at <mailto:alston.networks at>> wrote:
>     Hi Seun,
>     I wish to contest this finding by the chairs.
>     As such, I am asking the chairs to please supply a FULL and
>     COMPLETE analysis on which this decision was made.
>     Including, but not limited to:
>     The number of people who spoke in support both on this list and in
>     the meeting
>     The number of people who spoke against this, both on this list and
>     in the meeting.
>     The complete basis on which this decision was made by the chairs.
>     Once we as a list have this, we can compare the numbers to what
>     was posted on the list and discuss this conclusion, as I am not
>     alone in being shocked by this decision, and as such wish to
>     explore the options while disputing this lack of consensus.
>     Thanks
>     Andrew
>     2. No Consensus: Having initially achieved consensus during the
>     AFRINIC 18 Public Policy Meeting, the co-chairs observed that during
>     the last call period, discussions and comments received from the
>     community about the following proposal indicated the need for it to
>     be further discussed upon; and have determined that there is no
>     consensus to move it ahead. The proposal will therefore go back to
>     the mailing list for further discussion:
>     Proposal ID: AFPUB-2013-GEN-001-DRAFT-03
>     Title: Academic IPv4 Allocation
>     Authors: Andrew Alston, Sunday Folayan
>     URL:
>     To read through the AFRINIC region Policy Development Process,
>     please browse to:
>     Regards
>     Seun Ojedeji, Emile Milandou
>     PDWG Co-Chairs
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