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[AFRINIC-rpd] Last call - Academic IPv4 Allocation- AFPUB-2013-GEN-001-DRAFT-03 -

Andrew Alston alston.networks at
Wed Jul 10 04:22:12 UTC 2013

> It obvious that the majority of the community are not ready to support this as
it is.

I actually would strongly disagree with this sentiment.  Go back to the
list, look at the voices in support and the voices against.  A few people
shouting louder than the rest just not increase the base numbers.  Further
more, I point to the fact that again, the indication in support of this
policy in Lusaka on the floor on first show of hands was around 60 ­ 5 for
the policy.  After the PDP chairs again put the question to the floor,
certain agreed minor changes (which have been implemented in draft 3) were
agreed upon, and the show of hands was called again, it was a unanimous show
of hands.  Since going to the list, the people who have spoken against the
policy are largely the original 5 people who were in that meeting.

Secondly, again I point to the fact in order to seek consensus, where there
is disagreement with the authors, objections should be raised that are
specific and let the authors address the problems inherent in the policy.
Questions were asked and answers posted, and summaries of those questions
and answers have been posted.  In the last email that summarises the
questions and the answers, there have been no specific objections to the
answers given on this list, that alone I believe is indication of consensus
of the fact that the questions have been answered to satisfaction, and
again, as in many previous emails, I ask the community who disagree with
those answers to state what the disagreements are and how we can resolve
them through a dialog process that includes more questions and answers until
consensus is reached.

But right now, I think to state that the majority of the community is not
ready to support this as is, is actually a completely inaccurate statement
and patently ignores the show of hands in Lusaka and the multitude of people
who have indicated strong support for this policy on this list.  Please,
let's start talking numbers and facts rather than just vague perceptions
which are tainted by our own bias.


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