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[AFRINIC-rpd] Commencement of the last call

Mark Elkins mje at
Wed Jun 26 11:10:54 UTC 2013

On Wed, 2013-06-26 at 12:52 +0300, Maina Noah wrote:
> On 26 June 2013 12:32, Badru Ntege <ntegeb at> wrote:
>         Thanks Alan
>         You see there has been a claim that current policies will
>         allow for Afrinic resources to be taken of the continent and
>         thus bringing this policy in will keep the resources on the
>         continent.    
> Hi Badru and all,
> Can we get a clear definition of  OFF-THE-CONTINENT  because i have
> productions boxes seated in London and other parts of Europe using my
> AfriNIC allocated blocks as an LIR for our business. Tomorrow i may
> expand into Asia over my global MPLS network and still use the same
> addresses without a need to apply for a different assignment from

I too use some of my IP addresses to address equipment that sits in
London, a very small percentage - but its there.

As far as I am aware, the ONLY policy that explicitly mentions where you
can use space is the Soft Landing proposal for AFRINIC's last '/8' which
states something along the lines of not more than 10% of any space
provided from the last /8 can be used outside of the AFRINIC Region and
then only to support the infrastructure (provide connectivity and
appropriate services) to connect back to the continent.

Right now, I believe it is only the staff at AFRINIC that diligently
checks applications to make sure our addresses are not "exported" out of
the region. I believe this is in-line with the community's feeling.

So, following the guidelines from the Soft Landing proposal, you should
be able to use up to 10% of your AFRINIC address resources (IP Numbers)
outside the continent. Whether you should be servicing "out of region"
customers with your current address space is probably another argument.
I know that members of the ARIN (and RIPE) region who are satellite
providers effectively service some clients in Africa with IPv4 addresses
from their region. I personally feel we should allow for this as well -
just keep within that 10% guideline. Lets not be petty.

> So what is OFF-THE-CONTINENT? Kindly educate me please?

> Noah 
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