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[AFRINIC-rpd] Latest version of the policy AFPUB-2013-GEN-001-DRAFT-03

Andrew Alston alston.networks at
Mon Jun 24 18:51:30 UTC 2013


I concur with what Alan was saying, I was basing my original count on the
first question.  But he is correct that on the second vote there were no
hands.  Though the number of hands on the first question raised do
coincide rather closely with the number of voices on this list right now :)

I do have a question to the PDWG chair's (or even the ex chairs) about
this situation though.

>From what Seun just posted to the list:

A final review of the draft policy is initiated by the Working Group
Chair(s) by sending an announcement to the Resource Policy
Discussion mailing list. The Last Call period shall be at least two
weeks. The Working Group Chair(s) shall evaluate the feedback
received during the Public Policy Meeting and during this period and
decide whether consensus has been achieved.


If the Face to Face meeting is evaluated in conjunction with the last call
voices on the list, am I to conclude that these are evaluated together,
and as such, 5 objections on the list + 5 objections on the floor, even if
totalled together = 10 objections, against 60+ votes in favour, we still
have consensus?

Or is there segregation between the last call and the on the floor vote?
If there is, can I please understand how this is reconciled with the above
extract on the process?



On 2013/06/24 8:44 PM, "Alan Barrett" <apb at> wrote:

>On Mon, 24 Jun 2013, Andrew Alston wrote:
>>I need to go through the list
>>of people I have that voted against in the room [...]
>Several hands were raised in opposition to the unmodified proposal
>(DRAFT-02), but when I asked about the proposal with modifications
>that are now in DRAFT-03 (to use consistent terminology and to
>make it clear that an organiation may request less space), then I
>saw no hands raised at all.
>--apb (Alan Barrett)
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