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[AFRINIC-rpd] Re: Address Supporting Organization (was: Request to recall Emile Milandou as PDWG co-chair)

Douglas Onyango ondouglas at
Fri Feb 22 18:36:31 UTC 2013

Hi SM,
On 22 February 2013 18:02,  <sm+afrinic at> wrote:
>> AfriNIC is not the ASO but rather other RIRs.
> I will check on I assumed that the Address Supporting
>Organization did some coordination.

Yes SM, it does coordination, but at a global role and on global
policy development.
Section 6 of
The Address Council participates in the [Global Policy Development]
process during the Introductory Phase and the Ratification Phase.
Between these two phases, the policy passes the RIR Discussion Phase
wherein the proposal is discussed and ratified in each RIR policy

>   "During discussions with the ARIN Advisory Council, it was mentioned
>    that the clarification requires a text change to the proposal.  It
>    was also mentioned that the ASO, instead of the NRO, must provide
>    the clarification."

As you already know a policy is considered global if it has passed the
PDP of all RIRs and requires IANA intervention to implement. Against
this backdrop, you recall that after ratification of this particular
policy in all-but-one region, this region wanted some text changes.
The policy was to be sent back to the RIR mailing lists, when it
emerged that the  ASO could actually make the call if minor/cosmetic
changes were required on policies. This is my recollection on how this
policy survived going back to all 4 RIRs for discussion and how the
clarification you mention above was sought.

On the ASO vs NRO: I think the ASO is one of ICANN's supporting
organizations whose role among other things includes "Undertaking a
role in the global policy development process."  the ASO role is
currently being fulfilled by the NRO

>What does the Address Supporting
> Organization do for Africa?

This is a tricky question, but I will attempt to response as beast I
know:  From its very mandate, the ASO plays a role in global policy
development -- from this angle, the answer would be nothing.  the ASO
doesn't do anything specifically for Africa --- Africa is not in the
mandate of the ASO :-)
That-being-said, the regional representation (Africa inclusive) of the
ASO ensures perspective from the regions are brought into the global

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