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[AFRINIC-rpd] Academic IPv4 Allocation Policy Second Draft (AFPUB-2013-GEN-001-DRAFT-02)

Sunday Folayan sfolayan at
Mon Jan 28 15:56:39 UTC 2013

[Forgive the length of this email]

On 28/01/2013 15:54, Nii Narku Quaynor wrote:
> And the university does not have a network diagram? and implementing a 
> network

There definitely will be a Network plan!  The real sketches end at the 
core. The remaining parts of the plan are assumptions, not things cast 
in stone.

How many IP's will be needed for concurrent connections?  ... our 
initial headache! Andrew could not convince the hostmasters that he 
needed 1.8 IPs per student.

University A's plan may show ...  50 concurrent connections per wireless AP
University B's plan may show ... 200 concurrent connections per wireless AP

These connections could be any or all of photabtops. What other 
justifications can be included in diagrams,  I mean, what other 
diagram/shape (beyond the figures) will differentiate 50 wireless users 
from 200 wireless users within the last mile?

This is the real challenge we should not ignore in all the muses Andrew 
was pushing, I would say sometimes with energy and a rasp file, before I 
offered to co-author the policy with him.

> The information, referenced as at start, was about design options not 
> about a 'network plan' being reviewed
> These kinds of options and issues also apply to any network and may 
> not be peculiar to universities. In the end you have a design and 
> resource plan
> Ok, fix it but a fix where is needed. I wonder if a fix by policy is 
> what's needed in this case

In moving from design options to network plans, Our goal is to (1) keep 
it simple for Academic institutions. (2) legitimately Increase the burn 
rate of IPs in our region. If there is a simpler way of doing this 
without subjecting it to the ingenuity of the applicants, or the 
intuition of the hostmaster (at least for Academic institutions as 
captioned in the proposal) I am willing to withdraw the policy (or at 
least my Name as Co-Author).

> We are actually imposing constraints eg end-user category, now 5:1 
> expectation, etc

I don't think so Nii. I would say ... not more than 5:1 expectation 
without justification. Anything above that, must be justified. And I 
must point out that this policy will die a natural death in less than 2 

AfriNIC is not the only stakeholder that wants some form of 
justification/convincing before allocating resources. The ability of the 
Universities ICT personnel to convince their management that indeed 
there are up to 3,4 or 5 devices per students to make them pay more for 
a higher category is the limiting real factor here.


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