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[AFRINIC-rpd] Academic IPv4 Allocation Policy Second Draft (AFPUB-2013-GEN-001-DRAFT-02)

Seun Ojedeji seun.ojedeji at
Sun Jan 27 20:34:43 UTC 2013

On Sun, Jan 27, 2013 at 8:35 PM, SM <sm at> wrote:

> At 10:03 27-01-2013, Badru Ntege wrote:
>> I never said an institution would present forged names, maybe the message
>> was not clear.
> It's not because the letterhead has the word "university" on it that it
> should be taken for granted [1].  I cannot get to the AAU web site at the
> moment as it is having technical problems.  If I recall correctly, over 50%
> of the universities associated with it are currently listed as "not in good
> standing".

And what do you think is the reason why they are referred to as "not in
good standing" my guess is your are thinking forgery of names is part of
it? if that is the case then i say NO! Perhaps when the AAU site comes up,
you can check the requirement for universities to be acknowledged as
"members in good standing" it is noting related to what you are painting.

> I would not spend too much time on a request for a 1023 IPv4 /32 count.  I
> would spend more time on a request for a 1048575 IPv4 /32 count.

Yes i will spend more time on 1048575 because my population demands
it...not just because i want to keep it in the shelf. Whats the use of the
IP by the way; I mean whats the big gold in IP that will now make the
entire University administration present false information especially about
her students. Think about it SM, its not like "*the more IP you get the
lesser the price*" some things are not just worth it. Even when thieves
wants to go on operation, they do cost analysis to ascertain which of the
targets is worth their effort ;-)

IMHO the loss that a University get for cheating in other to get more IP
resource far supersedes the gains!

There are some things that one can do for the greater good. This IMHO is
definitely not one of them ;)


> Regards,
> -sm
> 1.**udgi/lawsuits/AUH<>


*Seun Ojedeji,
Federal University Oye-Ekiti
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