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[AFRINIC-rpd] Academic IPv4 Allocation Policy Second Draft (AFPUB-2013-GEN-001-DRAFT-02)

SM sm at
Fri Jan 25 00:15:00 UTC 2013

Hi Seun,
At 14:20 24-01-2013, Seun Ojedeji wrote:
>Hmmm...i think the past few years has witnessed major bandwidth 
>boost across the continent (at least for the intra/inter-continent cables)

Here's some numbers from a few months ago:

  GIXA   16 Mb/s
  JINX   11 Gb/s
  KIXP    2 Gb/s
  MEIX   26 Kb/s
  MIX    (no information available)
  MIXP   (no information available)
  RINEX  99 Mb/s
  UiXP   35 Kb/s

>Okay, perhaps further clarifying what you mean here could help.

I'll comment off-list.

>Just curious any specific obvious reason for the  !(NG and ZA) 
>filter ;) If i may guess, will this be because of the number of 
>Institution in the 2 countries? if that is the case, i think it will 
>improve consumption of v4 and encourage v6 deployment. However, it 
>should not matter whether all the 50 universities all come from the 
>same country.

The short answer is that it is a proposal for the region.  If the 50 
universities all come from the same country it may mean that the some 
people in that country are building up their universities.

>Hmmm...using Internet Exchange Point as a condition may 
>automatically disqualify some countries that does not even have an 
>IXP....if you meant to say ISP then i agree

It depends how a person looks at it.


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