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[AFRINIC-rpd] IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment proposal

sm+afrinic at sm+afrinic at
Wed Jan 23 07:21:27 UTC 2013

Hi Andrew,
At 22:12 22-01-2013, Andrew Alston wrote:
>The solution here is however, not necessarily to take the old policies and
>simply rehash them and make minor changes (and some pretty major ones in the
>case of your policy), the solution I believe would be to actually start
>fresh, with a policy that is more up to date, reflects the current
>status-quo in the industry and the community, and then from a fresh document
>make changes.
>As such, having carefully read through much of what has been on this list in
>recent times, I will have a first stab at this and will submit a counter
>proposal within the next 48 hours for the communities consideration.  As


>For myself, I evaluate my stance on any policy in the following manner (and
>I realize this is subjective and a personal way of looking at things)
>a.) Does the policy address problems that exist and affect the community at
>large, or a large enough segment of the community to warrant its existence.
>b.) Does the policy promote open, fair and equitable access to resources
>across the continent
>c.) Does the policy promote community control of the resources, or does it
>promote control similar to that which the ITU would love to see and
>advocated for in Dubai late last year.
>d.) Does the policy promote internet growth in the region or potentially
>hamper it in any way (including, but not limited to, driving up the costs)
>e.) Is the policy open and transparent about its true intentions, or merely
>a disguised way to achieve a specific goal that promotes interests outside
>of the African community at large.
>In my view, your policy fails on points (b) (c) and (d), as do many of the
>other clauses existent in our current policy documents.  Hence why I am
>advocating for a replacement policy.

Please note that the current proposal does not satisfy point (a).  My 
opinion is based on the feedback received.  I don't know the answer 
to point (b).  I don't have an opinion about point (c).  I don't know 
for point (d) or point (e).

S. Moonesamy 

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