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[AFRINIC-rpd] Academic IPv4 Allocation Policy Second Draft (AFPUB-2013-GEN-001-DRAFT-02)

Jackson Muthili jacksonmuthi at
Wed Jan 16 22:00:20 UTC 2013

On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 11:29 PM, Andrew Alston
<alston.networks at> wrote:

> 3.3)  In addition to the documentation specified in clause 3.1, institutions
> will need to provide details of planned/current IPv6 roll-outs, including
> committed time frames for the roll-out of IPv6.
> 3.4) For the purposes of this policy, the roll-out of IPv6 can only be
> considered to be a true IPv6 roll-out, if IPv6 is extended to the edge of
> the network, beyond just the core/server infrastructure.

Talking about IPv6 i see the text in ipv6 allocation policy reads on 5.1.1 d

d) show a reasonable plan for making /48 IPv6 assignments to end sites
in the AFRINIC region within twelve months. The LIR should also plan
to announce the allocation as a single aggregated block in the
inter-domain routing system within twelve months.

my questions

i. your proposal 3.4 is in conflict with 5.1.1d of the current ipv6
policy which says to announce the allocation and not to extend ipv6 to
the edge of network. can you syncronize the two?

ii. I know ISPs that did not announce their ipv6 allocation after
twelbe months. what is Afrinic going to doing about that?


> 3.5) Under the policy, HEI shall be eligible to receive IPv4 resources at a
> ratio not less than 5 IPv4 addresses per campus user, where campus user is
> defined in 3.2).
> 3.6) While 3.4 defines a minimum accepted ratio for which the justification
> is clearly defined in 3.1, applications based on a ratio as high as 10:1
> shall be given due consideration and should be approved unless the
> justification for such increased ratio is believed by AfriNIC staff to be
> specious or fraudulent in nature.
> 3.7) HEIs will be classified as End Users under this policy, on provision of
> a duly authorized letter from the institution management stating that
> address space allocated will not be used outside of the campus/academic
> environment.
> 3.8) HEIs qualifying under this proposal will qualify for the same academic
> discounts that are applicable to any academic institution at the time of
> application.
> 3.9) Since any HEI that has a large base of registered students and full
> time staff, has to, by the very nature of their function, have equipment on
> campus, this policy dispenses for the need for a HEI to provide detailed
> proof of equipment and infrastructure.
> 4.1) Revision History (For all but the first draft):
> Version 1 – Added 3.1.3 to include justification of employee count. Added a
> new point 3.2 and 3.4, meaning that sequential numbering changed, where the
> original 3.2 became 3.3, 3.4 became 3.5, 3.6 was a new point, meaning
> original 3.6 -> 3.8 became 3.7 -> 3.9. Added 3.2 to define the calculation
> of head count to which the address ratio calculation is applied.  Modified
> 3.5 to change the ratio from 1:3 to 1:5 as per requests from the RPD list.
> Added 3.6 to allow for allocations larger than the de-facto 1:5 ratio  upon
> submission of additional documentation, while maintaining the need for
> minimal justification if the ratio applied for did not exceed the 1:5 mark.
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