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[AFRINIC-rpd] Invoicing/Billing problems

Seun Ojedeji seun.ojedeji at
Fri Jan 11 17:10:04 UTC 2013

Wow! Although I am not currently working with an organization that is using
myAFRINIC services.
Nevertheless,I will still like to comment on this;
I think it is wrong for an error as this to happen in the first instance,
and it's very very wrong for it to have been discovered by client(s).
Just as Andrew has indicated, the implication of this to organization's
finance department cannot be underestimated!
Not that I don't like the face of whoever is the Billing personnel at
AFRINIC, but I think such person needs to be called to order!

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On Jan 11, 2013 4:31 PM, "Adiel Akplogan" <adiel at> wrote:

> Hello Andrew,
> Thank you for raising this issue. We have looked into what
> happened with the invoices of these 3 members and the source
> seems to be an human manipulation error during the transfer
> of the data from the billing system to MyAFRINIC.
> We are currently reviewing all the information in MyAFRINIC
> to evaluate the scope and impact of this error on the 2013
> billing exercise. Anyone else who has an issue with 2013
> invoice in MyAFINIC or in general please report them to us
> on a dedicated e-mail address create for that at
> admin-escalate at
> We will be able to provide a full report on this issue early
> next week along withe measures to prevent such situation in
> the future.
> Thank you.
> - a.
> On 2013-01-11, at 16:03 PM, Andrew Alston <alston.networks at>
> wrote:
> Hi Guys,****
> ** **
> Once again, I realize that this isn’t the list for this but since there
> isn’t another active list to post to I’m posting it here.****
> ** **
> This is an urgent appeal to all members to go and check your myafrinic
> billing statements / invoicing and check that things are correct, and check
> what your finance departments have been paying as well.****
> ** **
> In checking my various clients so far:****
> ** **
> 1 Client was billed for membership fees for 2013 that were already paid
> upfront as part of initial resource allocation****
> 1 Client was billed an **INSANE** amount of money for 2013 in an amount
> that was indicative of LIR type money when they have PI resources, and
> furthermore, their PI resources were already paid up to at least 2014.****
> 1 Client had a duplicate invoice uploaded which was incorrect.****
> ** **
> Three clients, three mistakes.****
> ** **
> I am **HIGHLY** concerned at this point, many many of these invoices go
> straight to finance departments that will pay them without realizing what
> they are paying.  If I’ve found this with my clients, how much more
> incorrect billing has happened, how much money has been collected that
> shouldn’t have been etc?****
> ** **
> Further to this, I am hereby officially requesting AfriNIC do a **FULL
> AND COMPLETE** audit on billing and report back to the membership base,
> as finding errors of this nature when you check 3 outta 3, is indicative of
> a far more serious problem.****
> ** **
> If anyone else finds errors in their billing, please report it back so we
> can see just how widespread this problem is.  I mean come on, you can mess
> up a lot of things, but errors in finance of this nature are excessively
> worrying.****
> ** **
> Thanks****
> ** **
> Andrew****
> ****
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