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[AFRINIC-rpd] only root is critical DNS?

Frank Habicht geier at
Tue Sep 18 21:05:00 UTC 2012

On 9/18/2012 11:16 PM, Mark Elkins wrote:
> On Tue, 2012-09-18 at 22:30 +0300, Frank Habicht wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> in
>> under critical infrastructure it says
>> "
>> Core DNS service provider:
>>  A core DNS service provider is a company who provides DNS service for the
>> root level of the DNS tree (ICANN-sanctioned root operators).
>> "
>> I once-upon-a-time thought ccTLDs (within the AfriNIC service region(?))
>> should also be included. (and that the number of root operators was limited)
> Reading the policy - a few paragraphs above - it states:
>         AfriNIC will make End-User assignment to critical infrastructure
>         providers of the Internet such as public exchange points and
>         core DNS service providers.
> the policy does not limit itself to 'root level' operators - of
> which none live natively in our region (if you are referring explicitly
> to 'dot').

So you'd say the very last sentence that has "root level of the DNS tree"
could be 'updated' ?
(I'd like that)

> In practice (from my experience), its taken as including ccTLD
> operators. I believe that CO.ZA also technically falls under this
> category. For COZA, this will be less grey as UniForum changes into the
> ZACR (South African Central Registry).

and I'll be ok with leaving the judgement of 'critical' to AfriNIC staff.
When there's not limiting to "root level" and root level alone.

> Might instead be a worthwhile challenge to 'dual-stack' the proposal -
> ie - include IPv6 into the mix? This policy came into being before
> AfriNIC allowed /48's of IPv6 into the wild (AFPUB-2007-v6-001, 13 Jul.
> 2007).

well,... there's one for v4 PI and one for v6 PI...... no big deal I'd think.

>> could/can we include "or any ccTLD in the AfriNIC service region" or "or
>> any TLD with administrative contact in the AfriNIC service region" at the
>> end of the last paragraph of this text?
>> Is this editorial?
>> should I write a proposal?

that got answered....


PS: I would be very ok, if "the AfriNIC team does take care of this" (ccTLD
are included) will be answered.

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