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[AfriNIC-rpd] NomCom at AFRINIC-16

Walubengo J jwalu at
Tue May 22 12:59:34 UTC 2012

Just gone through the contributions on the above and it confirms my earlier suggestion that we do need a list that is not strictly policy, sort of a brainstorming list from which formal policies can germinate...

Anyway, my take is that this was one hell of an election.  With twists, turns and drama before, during and after the vote. Ofcourse the Proxy issue became the focal point with people wondering how proxies were obtained, used and invalidated.  Indeed when I write my memoires I will title this election as - The Battle of the Proxies; the Good, the Bad and real Ugly ;-)

On a more serious note, however, my take is that it is against the rule of natural justice for one person to simultaneously accuse, prosecute and pass judgement on some action.  One would tend to prefer that the accusation, prosecution and judgement are seperated both in  time and person.

Specifically on the issue of "illegally" harvesting email contacts :- declaring someone guilty as charged without understanding the context of the action is really refusing to follow the natural rule of justice.  Think about it:- If I shot the "Sheriff" one could call me a "Murderer" but after proper prosecution and adjudication one could well discover that it was "manslaughter" or better still "self-defence".  Either way, the Sheriff is dead but that does not make me guilty as previously accused.

I recall 3yrs ago, when I first ran for the Board Position, I emailed the AfNOG list for support of my candidature - the response came first and furious from non-other than Rand B.  He typed "I will NOT vote for you, because you have spammed me" :-) It is only recently after going through Andrews submission that I clearly understood where he was coming from; but I wonder if he will ever understand where I was coming from...that I was running for election, and the people who held the votes were on the list and I thought I could introduce myself (notwithstanding that AfNOG list was not designed for campaign shots ;-) Did I spam? Perhaps yes, Was I guilty of spamming? That depends...perhaps only the natural rule of justice could establish ;-)

Anyway, this was one hell of an election and I enjoyed every drama, twist and turn.  May we have more like this in future ;-)

Long live AfriNIC.


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