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[AfriNIC-rpd] NomCom at AFRINIC-16

Mark Elkins mje at
Mon May 21 14:38:48 UTC 2012

We could look at just Electronic Voting - nothing else.

The 'polls' could be opened once the candidate is open  (a few weeks
before the election) and then close them as part of the Election Day
The ceremony would be "OK - Voting has closed...." and then having the
Key Trustees going up, inserting their USB Keys with their part of the
unlocking code, and Voilà, Results appear on the screen. For those at
the meeting with voting rights who don't have a Laptop (is there anyone
like that any more), they could access the voting system from the
terminal room.

The problem in some people's minds is how people are petitioned in order
to get them to vote in one's favour. Years ago as a child, I can
remember working for my Dad, who wanted to be a local councilperson. We
went from door to door posting paper flyers and if people where home,
chatting to them. He was successful.
Apparently - this might be illegal in AfriNIC circles? 

I pulled off addresses from my own peering page, that is - I collected
the addresses myself in 'one on one' contacts with people over time -
and now I can't use them to make contact for election purposes???

On Mon, 2012-05-21 at 08:25 -0400, McTim wrote:
> On Mon, May 21, 2012 at 8:18 AM, Jean Robert Hountomey
> <jrhountomey at> wrote:
> >> I don't believe limiting number of proxies  per  individual will change
> >> anything. I'm of the opinion we limit voting per zones i.e. If we are
> >> electing board members from North, then we let Afrinic members from
> >> North select who they want to represent them. Lets eliminate such
> >> situations where West Africans are represented by a member whose
> >> majority of his/her votes comes from South.
> >
> >
> > I understand your point but I do believe that a candidate can receive
> > support from anybody in the continent.
> >
> > My understanding of the current election/voting process is that proxies are
> > needed because of the physical presence requirement.
> >
> > E-voting will allow members who cannot be present at the meeting to vote.
> > E-voting will then solve the proxy issue and there will be
> > no need for proxies anymore.
> >
> exactly.. so we implement e-voting AND eliminate proxy voting in the by-laws!!
> > In case AfriNIC choose to use the two voting systems (e-voting and physical)
> > members present at the meeting will vote and those non present will use
> > e-voting. There will be no need for proxies in this case too.
> fine by me!!

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