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[AfriNIC-rpd] NomCom at AFRINIC-16

SM sm at
Fri May 18 22:28:10 UTC 2012

Hi Owen,
At 07:55 18-05-2012, Owen DeLong wrote:
>         As an example, the PDPWG Co-Chair discussions yesterday and 
> today ultimately
>         resulted in what I believe to be a very good outcome. 
> However, the community
>         spent a great deal of time arriving at that conclusion 
> based on what appeared to
>         be innuendo, suspicion and mistrust. It is my opinion that 
> the community would

The events were as follows:

  1. The NomCom Chair started the PDWG Chair election.

  2. An individual objected to the election process on the ground
     that the community previously expressed the wish that it wants
     the ability to reject a candidate even if there is only one
     candidate for a seat.

  3. Several individuals expressed their views about what type of
     candidate they would, in their opinion, be appropriate as
     PDWG Chair.

  4. The PDWG Chair asked for a show of hands.

  5. The community rejected the candidate (11/6).

  6. The NomCom Chair asked for more candidates to volunteer for the PDWG
     Chair seat.

  7. Several individuals who were present at the meeting volunteered.

  8. One of those individuals was selected.

If there was suspicion or mistrust, that individual might have not 
been selected as he was described as being new to the PDWG.  If I 
recall correctly, the community expressed the wish to ask the 
candidate some questions.  At a guess, the community asked the 
individual who was eventually selected some questions.  If there was 
any difference, it was the fact that one candidate was available to 
answer questions while the other wasn't.

Discussions can be contentious.  This is not the first time 
individuals from the community raised objections during an 
election.  The individuals are given the time to express their 
opinions.  The community as a whole decides on how to reach a 
conclusion and reaches consensus on the decision.  It also decides 
about what it wants to discuss about.


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