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[AfriNIC-rpd] NomCom at AFRINIC-16

SM sm at
Fri May 18 12:33:21 UTC 2012

Hi Seun,
At 03:04 18-05-2012, Seun Ojedeji wrote:
>SM the point is still valid either way.....perhaps another thing 
>that comes to mind is the fact that putting so much gap in between 
>nomination and the actual election could give room for lobbying for 
>votes. A scenario related to Africa government election proceeds.

If a member of NomCom is aware of candidates lobbying for votes, it 
is up to the member to see whether to inform the community about 
that.  As there hasn't been any report about lobbying for votes up to 
now, either it did not happen or nobody find that objectionable.

Nacer Adamou Saidou asked the following questions about the election process:

  - e-vote is only for members in good standing, but paper vote is
    opened to all voter categories. What happen if someone vote twice
    (one during e-vote and once more during the face-to-face meeting)?
    Is there measures that make such cases impossible?

  - What happen if for any reason the result of the e-vote is known to
    a non authorized person? I suggest that in such case, that e-vote
    is cancelled and re-run later.

Andrew Alston posted the following comment about bylaws:

   Currently there is no means for the member base to request the removal
   of a director should the member base believe that the director is acting
   outside the best interests of the community.

According to your comment about lobbying for votes I would say that 
you consider it as not being in the best interests of the 
community.  There are different ways to influence the results of an 
election (see questions from Nacer Adamou Saidou).  There is nothing 
in the current draft ( ) that 
prevents that.  E-voting, for example, allows a person to make sure 
that the other person voted for him/her.  There may be others ways to 
use an e-voting system inappropriately.

I already mentioned that I don't think that the interpretation of the 
PDP by the six past NomCom chairs and an AfriNIC Board representative 
is correct.  It takes time to go through the details of an election 
process and find out whether it can help to achieve results which the 
community believes is in its best interest.


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