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[AfriNIC-rpd] NomCom at AFRINIC-16

SM sm at
Fri May 18 01:55:41 UTC 2012

Hi Seun,
At 17:31 17-05-2012, Seun Ojedeji wrote:
>Perhaps it may be important to be clear about when there is need for 
>election as from my understanding it looks like election happens 
>when there is; a vacant seat due to expiry of tenure, resignation or 
>death(this we don't pray for but its reality). So if that is

There is a clause in the PDP to fill in such seats.

>the case then the period when a particular position is declared open 
>will vary. This i guess will make i difficult to default all 
>election to just the second Afrinic meeting which is usually within Oct/Nov

Yes.  BTW, I used meeting #1 and #2 but that does not mean that they 
are the first and second meetings of the year.  There are other 
factors that may be favor a particular configuration.  I didn't cover 
that as it means finding ways to optimize the process.  That would 
require input from the community.

>If my above  understanding is invalid then i think SM suggestion is 
>really a neater way of doing things(although there may be no reason 
>for some to attend the first meeting since its all about nominating 
>as from my understanding, some actually attend Afrinic meetings 
>solely because of the election :), another angle to this is also the 
>question of what happens between May being the time of nomination 
>and Nov the time of election. For instance if there happen to be 
>resignation/tenure expiration or death within that period and a seat 
>becomes open ;-)

There are different ways to do things.  The first meeting is about 
finding people; what is called nominating.  It is easier to do that 
face to face.  If a seat becomes open in between there is a PDP 
clause which can be used.

>This probably has to be spell out somewhere as i think people are 
>probably not participating in AFRINIC policy stuff because they 
>think its solely for AFRINIC good standing members only! OR is that the case?

Anyone can participate, even non-members.


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