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[AfriNIC-rpd] Regional Internet Registry Privacy

sm+afrinic at sm+afrinic at
Mon May 7 16:13:44 UTC 2012

Hi Douglas,
At 05:33 07-05-2012, Douglas Onyango wrote:
>I have an issue with  "be left alone" I think it reflects a very
>"un-serious" and informal image, which I think isn't ideal for a
>policy. I am offering the following text to help build the new

The term "right to be let alone" was used in a well-known law journal 
in 1890.  That term was referenced in a judgement in a different 
country over a hundred years later.

By the way, the first sentence is more of an introduction to the subject.

>"Privacy is the ability of an individual or organization to seclude
>their personally sensitive information from  public view, and the
>discretion to use and control the same information as they see fit."

As a quick comment, that sounds more like a definition of information 
privacy.  In an African country, the following was used: "the right 
of a person to keep his or her matters and relationships secret".

>What is the rationale for this? specifically why the PDPWG? I thought
>the person who would be most in need of this info would be the
>"information owner"

The text mentions "person" and it covers everyone included in the 
service region.  It is more practical to use an existing definition 
instead of having to define "information owner".  It makes matters 
easier for future discussion about such a policy.

>How did you arrive at 3 and 12 months? Did you factor in the
>legal/regulatory obligations of AfriNIC (Ltd) in the country of

I'll ask AfriNIC (Ltd) about the legal/regulatory obligations.

>Why the RPD-ML? I think the people who need to know more about a leak
>are the information owners, e.g LIR and end-user carryout that
>transactions that require PII to be disclosed.

As there hasn't been any comments from information owners such as LIR 
and End-users, it is difficult to tell whether the people have a need 
to know more about leaks.  The Resource Policy Discussion mailing 
list is open to everyone.  It seems like a good choice as it allows 
easy notification.

S. Moonesamy 

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