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[AfriNIC-rpd] IPv4 trading needs global policy, says Mueller - issue for AfriNIC PDP ??

Douglas Onyango ondouglas at
Mon Apr 16 06:40:16 UTC 2012

Mueller says,
>The fate of the RIPE-NCC interregional
>transfer proposal (2012-01), therefore,
>is very much worth watching. If it fails
>to get anywhere, it confirms the
>hypothesis that the RIRs are
>structurally incapable of adapting to
>the new world of IPv4 scarcity and IPv6

I find this wildly inaccurate if not misguided.
First off, the RIRs have done a very solid job at adapting to v4
scarcity; the softlanding policy in the AfriNic region and other
similar policies in other regions corroborate this - so just the
inability to adopt this particular policy shouldn't be construed to
mean anything

On v6 migration (his words), RIRs have again done a great job. The
incentives and training that AfriNic has put in place are an indicator
of this.

In summary, the result of this policy should be used to highlight the
independence and diversity in needs of RiRs and not a failure of the
systems to adapt to this or any other technological innovation

To answer the question on if we need a tranfer policy, I say no; the
AfriNic community has resoundingly stated that it wants its resources
kept within the region - a policy that suggests otherwise is unlikely
to pass in the region.


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