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[AfriNIC-rpd] IPv6 strategy

Hisham Ibrahim hisham at
Thu Dec 1 06:40:50 UTC 2011

Hi SM, Ademola and all,

I am glad you used the word strategy in your subject, because that entitles both short and long term plans to achieve certain objectives and goals.
For the IPv6 program in AfriNIC that objective is clear and simple, to increase the uptake and deployment of IPv6 in the region.

This objective is currently dealt with through methods such as trainings and capacity/ awareness building, which AfriNIC has been successfully conducting for free all over it's service region for free conducting over 100 trainings in 45 countries since 2005. AfriNIC's outreach program is planed to extend through the IPv6 program to also include the launch of the AfriNIC IPv6 portal that will give a more detailed view on IPv6 related data in the region, the African IPv6 Task force and v6 mailing lists.

To try to address the issues you brought up quickly

1) The reason behind the 12 month deployment period is no to "forcefully enforce" IPv6 on users, but to make sure that the allocated resources are being properly used, the duration of 12 months has been set by the community as part of the policy and any shortening or extension to that period should come from the community itself. 

2) In regards to the effectiveness of the fee policy for IPv6, for the time being it is free and as Ernest has pointed out is meant as a motivator, to deploy IPv6 without addition cost for obtaining the space. However this will not always be the case and other RIRs have taken IPv6 space into consideration for their billing model, again a community call. 

3) As for exact stats on allocations v.s advertisements and reclamation. We have the tools to provide these stats and they have been planned to be illustrated graphically to the community as part of the IPv6 Portal (soon to be launched). A graph with allocation by year and whether that block is currently being advertised or not will be provided on a country by country basis.  

I hope that addressed some of the immediate issues that have been brought up. As for the stats and other info requested they shall be compiled and shortly announced to the list and the community at large.
IPv6 PM 

On Dec 1, 2011, at 12:23 AM, Ernest - (AfriNIC) wrote:

> hi Ademola,
> Ademola Osindero wrote thus on 11/30/11 7:31 PM:
>> Why force people to use IPv6? 
> We (AfriNIC) are not forcing anyone to use IPv6, but merely
> implementing policies that the community (you) have put in place as
> far as IPv6 address space management is concerned.
> If you feel this (12 month) requirement should not have a place in
> the IPv6 address management policy, please use the Policy
> Development Process to propose a modification as appropriate.
> Let me additionally point out one important principle upon which
> internet number resources are distributed : Needs basis. We shall
> only issue a resource if the requester demonstrates that they need
> that resource. If, within the 12 months of receiving it, the v6
> resource is not deployed, it was perhaps not needed in the first place.
> Regards,
> Ernest.
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