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election controversy? - Re: Handover to new PDWG co-chairs [AfriNIC-rpd]

Seun Ojedeji seun.ojedeji at
Wed Jun 15 22:04:59 UTC 2011

@ Kris, from my own point of view, the main issue with the election was that
the community was not given the opportunity to exercise their voting rights
and results were announced. So basically what happened was no election but
selection (looking at it from the community side of it). Though its also
obvious that considering the open positions and the candidates available the
results would have still been the same, but if it was the community that
made that choice, it brings a feeling of ultimate inclusion in the election
process to the entire community and that is democracy. :-)

This senerio is most likely not going to happen in nearest future but its
just good for the electoral committee to learn the fact that in a community
based environment a slightest oversight could cause an unforeseen result as
this. Applying this principal for me, will go a long way to shaping the
future activities and decision making proceeds of the nomcom. On this note i
suggest we don't drag this anymore further...close the chapter "is the word"

My 2 Cents

On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 10:23 PM, Kris Seeburn <kseeburn at>wrote:

> general question here is that : Are we talking about "vice de procedures"
> or in english "procedural error" ? Sorry people i was not at the elections
> but am trying to undedstand.
> Perhaps "ashok" can give his legal opinion on this situation despite the
> fact that the election has been done. Although from what i am
> understanding....a general question arise : are we questioning the election
> of the two candidates or are we questioning the mandate that was allotted to
> the two persons?
> Kris Seeburn
> On Jun 15, 2011, at 11:05 PM, sm+afrinic at wrote:
> > At 07:57 AM 6/15/2011, gift wrote:
> >> Nomcom is not sure how the issue of the election has come up during the
> hand over process.
> >
> > Dr Paulos asked about the legitimacy of the PDWG Co-chairs.  I
> congratulated
> > Dr Paulos B Nyirenda and Tim McGinnis on their election previously (
> ).  I have also
> mentioned that I do not have any issue with the appointment of the two new
> PDWG co-chairs (
> >
> >> However, since this issue has been brought up publicly, in the spirit of
> transparency, we will endeavor to comment so that the record is placed
> straight and also to give an official version of what transpired to the
> incoming PDWG Co Chairs and other members who were not at AfriNIC 14. There
> are no legitimacy issues arising from the election as a
> >
> > As Tim McGinnis was participating remotely, he probably knows what
> happened during the PDWG election part of the open public policy meeting.
>  Trevor Mwangi raised an interesting point about remote participants
> registering their protest (
> ).
> >
> >> final poll was carried without any dissension. It is also incorrect for
> S. Moonesamy to suggest that members were denied their voice at the meeting:
> >>
> >> "I hope that any future NomCom will respond to community
> >> feedback instead of ignoring objections from the floor."
> >
> > The quoted text does not include any suggestion that "members were denied
> their voice at the meeting".
> >
> >> concerned there are no outstanding issues relating to the concluded PDWG
> Co Chair elections as was witnessed during the meeting hence the formal
> announcement by the ACEO. The job of Nomcom is to work with the membership
> to deliver a democratic election and in the process to deal with any arising
> challenges. In the end a member's verdict was delivered. We should also
> accept that what transpired at the elections is a learning opportunity to
> further deepen the community's democratic and corporate governance systems.
> Nomcom will accordingly be making the necessary recommendations in its
> report on the elections.
> >
> > There isn't any "membership" for the PDWG.  "It is expected that the
> NomCom will oversee all open elections conducted by AfriNIC during a given
> year, namely Board Seats, Policy Working Group Chairs and NRO-NC
> representatives".  "A democratic election" is not about displaying the list
> of candidates on a slide and announcing the results within a few seconds on
> the next slide (
>  Fortunately, participants came to the microphone and objected to that.
> >
> > I don't think that the community has a need for a "democratic and
> corporate governance system".  If Frank and Andrew can agree on whether
> questions are constructive (
> ), Sunday Folayan
> can walk to the microphone and have his objections taken into account,
> Graham Beneke and Trevor Mwangi can ask questions without being present at
> the meeting, J. Walubengo and Mark Elkins can come to the microphone like
> any other participant, it is left to the community to appreciate whether it
> is an open and fair process where people can discuss and reach consensus.
> >
> > It is up to the community to determine whether the message posted at
> written by Gift
> Shava, Arbogast Fabian and Hago Dafalla is a fair representation of the
> events.
> >
> > Regards,
> > S. Moonesamy
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*Seun Ojedeji,
**you don't need a hero to succeed on the need a team!*
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