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[AfriNIC-rpd] Consensus call on Section 3.8 of AFPUB-2010-v4-005-draft-02 - IPv4 Soft Landing

JP Viljoen jp at
Fri May 6 11:10:51 UTC 2011

On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 11:38 AM, Mark Elkins <mje at> wrote:
> I believe I was the person who suggested the 10% rule.
> Firstly - we are talking about the use of the last "/8" that AfriNIC
> has. ie - this is potentially the last IPv4 address space AfriNIC may
> ever have. By the time we get to using this space - it may in fact be
> the last (virgin) unallocated IPv4 address space on the planet - as I
> expect that the other regions may have totally used their address space
> - unless people are returning unneeded space back to their RIR's.
> My reason for the 10% rule was to ensure that this last space was used
> by Africans for the benefit of the African region - and not used by
> non-african companies who simply have (or set up) an African address,
> applying for addresses then spiriting the address space out of Africa to
> be used totally outside Africa. The 10% is a guestimation on how much of
> the address space would need to be used out of Africa in order to bring
> services into Africa. Most of the objections to this surround the fact
> that it may not be possible to police whether more than 10% is being
> used outside Africa. As much as anything - I see the 10% rule as a stick
> that can be used if needed. Its really to stop blatant misuse of AfriNIC
> resources - Companies attempting to export the address space with next
> to no interest in Africa. Would I suggest using the stick if
> "AfricanCompany" uses a little over 10% of the address space in order to
> bring new services into Africa - No! If the same entity uses all the
> address space to set up a new network in Europe - then Yes.

Surely this could be better solved by making sure that the company is
a real African entity, as opposed to a non-African entity who set up a
branch in Africa with the sole purpose of getting more space.

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