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[AfriNIC-rpd] Afrinic and RPKI

Adiel A. Akplogan adiel at
Wed Feb 16 18:22:43 UTC 2011

Hello Andrew,

Allow me to come in here and give you a formal response on these questions 
even though some responses have already be given (which in fact are correct)

On 2011-02-13, at 19:45 PM, Andrew Alston wrote:

> A.) When a government declares that ISP X must be turned off, and issues
> AfriNIC with an order to turn them off, that is generated in a court in the
> country that the ISP resides in, how is AfriNIC planning on responding.

AfriNIC will not act on just "ANY" government order. The conditions of our 
services are defined in our Registration Service Agreement. Its section 13
( make 
provision for condition of revocation (Termination of agreement) of IP 
resources and the new one to be soon implemented 
( also allow AfriNIC to 
terminate under certain conditions. Note that these RSAs are defined under 
Mauritius (where AfrinIC headquarter is) laws.

> B.) With the acceptance of RPKI we effectively allow outside forces to
> control the issuing and revocation of IP space, and if we look at the
> actions taken recently in Tunisia, Egypt and rumour has it now in Algeria,
> is this really a road we want to walk down?

Which outside force? The RPKI will follow the same Hierarchy of normal and 
current IP address management model. So there is no new third party to be

> C.) Has AfriNIC done any work with regards to RPKI to prepare for if this
> does become a reality?

Well AfriNIC has it CP and CPS that will govern the management of its PKI 
infrastructure. I guess the community also will come up with some additional 
policies if needed to defined how RPKI will be used in our Registration 
service function.  

It is important to note that RPKI certificate does not carry any Identity 

Hope this helps.

- a.

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