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[AfriNIC-rpd] Effectively dealing with IPv4 trading

James Blessing jblessing at
Thu Feb 10 11:39:26 UTC 2011

 >2.0 The proposal:

 > On the date of depletion of IPv4 resources within either the
 > RIPE/APNIC/LACNIC/ARIN regions, AfriNIC will make available space out 
 > of a single unallocated /8 for sale to foreign entities.

I'm concerned about the sale to an 'entity' rather than to RIR or 'other 
appropriate organization', at least they should be an LIR.

 > 2.1  Such space will be sold at a premium price, currently for the
 > purposes of this proposal at LIR rate + 100% in order to allow for
 > growth in AfriNIC revenue streams

I think this would undervalue the of the /8, a better option would be to 
invite offers for the /8 using a Vickrey Auction with a minimum bid 
price of LIR+100% and a fixed $ fee to cover the AfriNIC costs

 > 2.2 The foreign entities applying for this space will have to meet all
 > standard AfriNIC space allocation requirements

why? surely this needs to be a specific subset of AfriNIC requirements 
(and clearly documented in this proposal)

 > 2.3 No more than one /8 out of the available AfriNIC space will be
 > made available for this purpose.

Makes sense

James Blessing
+44 7989 039 476
Strategic Relations Manager, EMEA
Limelight Networks

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