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[AfriNIC-rpd] Effectively dealing with IPv4 trading

Hannigan, Martin marty at
Wed Feb 9 23:03:39 UTC 2011

On 2/9/11 5:26 PM, "Scott Leibrand" <scottleibrand at> wrote:

> The challenges are somewhat different, so the solutions will be as well, but
> you might be able to look at the policies recently passed by other RIRs for
> some ideas. ARIN's transfer and waiting list policies, for example, touch on
> two of the issues raised below, and I know the other RIRs have also been
> discussing proposals that'd be relevant.

Not all policies are able to fit into every other RIR's policy playbook,
even if they're piece meal. Some simply fail at face value and I think that
the ARIN policy being referenced has no legitimate use in the Afrinic

Dorothy said:

>> Thanks for setting out some of the critical issues so clearly. The situation
>> represents a serious challenge for AfriNIC and I wonder if there is any best
>> practice we can use to guide us. It is clear that our credibility will be
>> under attack and destroyed if black marketeering prevails but as you rightly
>> point out your suggestions raise even more thorny questions. Since everyone
>> knew that this (IPv4 depletion) was going to happen, I am pretty sure that
>> there must be some strategy already worked on.... so I am looking forward to
>> hearing from those who are closer to the action than I am, on how we can
>> leverage this challenge into an opportunity.

One of the other important things to examine and clearly define before
endeavoring to create policy that may raise expense for members may be "what
is a black market"? Is a black market an activity that RIR's don't like or
is it an activity that is illegal? Is it legacy holders trading addresses or
is it recipients of resources assigning their addresses to other for an
increased fee over Afrinic which in turn creates pressure for fraud. I would
suggest a focus of efforts on Afrinic resources and fraud if we are really
concerned with v4 trading.

Best Regards,


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