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[AfriNIC-rpd] Staff Comments & Implementation Impact Analysis for Policy - Abuse Contact Information in the AfriNIC Service Region (AFPUB-2010-GEN-006)

SM sm at
Sat Jan 15 21:28:54 UTC 2011

Hi Tobias,
At 04:50 14-01-11, Tobias Knecht wrote:
>Never the less there are 2 things that will lead into trouble with this
>implementation idea. Especially the part with "normal person or role
>1.) If you use normal person or role objects we will run into whois
>query restrictions. Same problem RIPE is having at the moment.

There will always be Whois query restrictions as there are 
operational considerations to take into account.  If you plan to do a 
high number of queries, it is better to talk to AfriNIC so that it 
can provision resources accordingly, assuming that it agrees to your request.

>2.) If you allow to add an abuse-mailbox attribute to every person or
>role object it will lead into a big mess. At the end you have an
>admin-c, tech-c and abuse-c with different abuse-mailbox attributes
>referenced by the same inetnum. So whois will show you 3 different
>abuse-mailbox attributes and that will lead into the same confusion as
>it does at RIPE at the moment.
>To avoid the above mentioned problems I would take the abuse-c link it
>to a "special" role account that has to have an abuse-mailbox attribute

Section 2.a of the analysis mentions that:

   "It is envisaged that each object above will be modified to include an
    extra optional attribute that could be called "abuse-c", and that it
    would be a reference to a normal person or role object."

That object can only be referenced once (Section 2.b) and it points 
to abuse-mailbox. As there would be only one abuse-c, the person or 
role used does not matter as you will be able to locate the required mailbox.

You mentioned some problems with RIPE.  Could you provide some 
details bout that?


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