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[AfriNIC-rpd] Global Policy for IPv4 Allocations by the IANA Post Exhaustion

SM sm at
Sat Nov 13 16:43:39 UTC 2010

Ho Owen,
At 02:18 13-11-10, Owen DeLong wrote:
>I believe the intent is any RFC, such as 1918, Multicast, Reserved space,

That could be BCP 153.

>My understanding is this is meant to address the following concern:
>APNIC passed a transfer policy which does not require justified need 
>on the part of the
>recipient. Absent this provision, such a global policy would allow 
>an entity within APNIC
>that has justified need to obtain space, transfer it to a broker, 
>then, obtain more space,
>lather, rinse, repeat until such time as all possible space had been 
>transferred to a broker
>in the APNIC region to the detriment of all other regions.

Thanks for the explanation.

>There are also other differences in the transfer policies across 
>different regions which
>may or may not be a factor.


>My understanding is an RFC produced by the IETF, such as RFC-1918 and
>other RFCs which document other forms of special use addresses such as
>Multicast, Documentation Prefix, etc.

See my previous comment.

>It may be moot now. At the time of writing, I believe there was concern
>that the ITU plentipot could deem itself to have created
>another "competing" RIR.

   "to study and monitor current allocation mechanisms, identify any flaws
    arising and communicate proposals for changes to existing policies, if

>I'm pretty sure it will be earlier than that. My best guess is 
>January, 2011, but, we might even see
>December, 2010.

That's one or two months away.


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