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[AfriNIC-rpd] Abuse Contact Information in the AfriNIC Service Region - Version 2

SM sm at
Fri Sep 24 16:27:36 UTC 2010

Hi Tobias,

These comments are about AFPUB-2010-GEN-006.  I am not taking a 
position on the proposal.

In Section 1:

   "This is a proposal to introduce a reference to a specific and dedicated
    object which shall be used in future as the one and only place to publish
    abuse contact information within the AfriNIC region."

I suggest rewriting this as:

   This proposal specifies a dedicated object which shall be used as the
   preferred place to publish abuse public contact information within the
   AfriNIC service region.

In Section 2, I suggest a minor rewrite:

   Currently within the AfriNIC service region, the abuse reports are sent to
   the e-mail address specified in the e-mail field, as encouraged on the
   AfriNIC website [1].

In Section 4:

   "It is proposed that the technical staff of AfriNIC finds a way to create a
    new or uses an already existing object, which implements the following

I suggest:

   It is proposed that the AfriNIC create a new or reuses an existing object,
   which has the following properties:

I suggest removing the sub-section numbering in Section 4.  You could 
define the properties as follows:

   (a)  A unique reference by inetnum, inet6num and aut-num

   (b) Contains two e-mail attributes:

       (i) "e-mail:" for personal communication

       (ii) "abuse-mailbox:" for automatic report handling

Instead of referring to classic whois, you could have:

   The object should be accessible through Whois.

The qualities of the "Abuse Finder Database", as mentioned in this 
proposal, is unclear.  There is a reference to the RIPE Abuse Finder 
Database.  As AfriNIC does not run, it does not have 
any control over that database.

    "AfriNIC publishes a Best Practice Paper and a Documentation, 
which encourages
     all members to use the new object to publish abuse contact information."

The Best Practice Paper would be the documentation.  I would rewrite that:

   AfriNIC publishes a Best Practice Paper to encourage its members to use the
   object to publish abuse contact information.

There are two 5.1 sub-sections in the proposal.

In Section 5.1:

  "Nevertheless it is suggested to AfriNIC to offer a way to receive 
reports about
   not working or not accurate objects. But this is part of another proposal."

I suggest that you post that other proposal for discussion and amend 
the above accordingly.

In Section 6:

  "There will be no immediate affect for AfriNIC members with existing resource
   registrations already in the AfriNIC Whois Database. The only effect is the
   opportunity to publish a dedicated abuse contact object and profit by the

The first sentence is incorrect.  I gather that you mean that "There 
will be no immediate impact" or "It will not affect".

Is this a profit-making policy proposal?  Who is going to profit? 
:-)  Maybe you meant "benefit" as in "for the common good".


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