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[AfriNIC-rpd] IPv6 Allocations for Non-Profit Networks

Graham Beneke graham-ml at
Thu Jul 9 06:55:17 UTC 2009

Alan Barrett wrote:
> It seems to me that the author's organisation could qualify as an LIR
> and obtain an IPv6 /32 under existing policies.

How would the organisation do that? It is my understanding from
discussions with Adiel that there is no framework for AfriNIC to
recognize an NPO as a member of any type. I believe that ISPA-SA has
also been struggling with this recently.

> relevance of RFC1918 above -- presumably the organisation would wan tto
> be properly conencted to the global Internet, not to use private address

Using NAT and a small pool of public IPv4 space it is possible to
connect to other networks using public IPs.

In IPv6 land - ULA is seen by some as the equivalent to RFC1918 space.
Since NAT does not exist for IPv6 the ULA space is largely unusable
unless there are no plans to ever connect to other networks on the
public IPv6 internet.

> I also don't understand the relevance of the reference to IPv6
> PI policy in the proposal -- the organisations targeted by this proposal
> are themselves providers who would qualify as LIRs;

I think it is critical to point out some aspects of the organisation's
structure that may or may not apply to other NPOs:
The organisation is NOT a provider. The way that we make this
distinction is the fact that the oganisation does not purchase any
transit from any provider. Any access to external networks would be
obtained exclusively through zero settlement peering.

This means that we have no 'upstream provider' from which we can obtain
IP space. It also means that we have no end-users - since we cannot
provide a transit service downstream. Any user that required IPv6
internet access would be getting it from a different provider.

I also don't see a reason to waste an entire /32 on us when are managing
quite comfortably within an unroutable /48 right now. ;-)

Graham Beneke
Apolix Internet Services
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