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[AfriNIC-rpd] IP address management practices/guidelines for ISPs

SM sm at
Thu Mar 5 07:17:08 UTC 2009

At 11:08 04-03-2009, David Conrad wrote:
>The price depends on the market not the operating cost.  For example,
>in the US, on one particularly large consumer Internet provider, the
>price for a static IP address works out to US$7/_month_.

Right.  Some ISPs in the US charge USD 10.00 per month for a static 
IPv4 address.  The question of charging outrageous prices does not 
arise if there is only one local incumbent.  If the customer wants to 
complain about competition or unfair practices, the national 
regulator is the place to go.

At 11:47 04-03-2009, Jean Robert Hountomey wrote:
>I know some countries in this 21 century where a  /30 cost more than 
>200 USD/month while we are talking about critical infrastrucutre, 
>enabling access etc..

See the "price depends on the market".  Consider using provider 
independent (RFC 1918) IPv4 address space. :-)

>And when people decide to go to AfriNIC their unfair answer is "we 
>can't route your block".

There are other considerations to be taken into account.  This 
problem does not happen in the AfriNIC region only.

You "can add information about such an ISP/LIR to a forum for 
complaints from the community, so other customers will be able to 
make more informed decisions about which ISP to use."

These guidelines are "the best AfriNIC can do".  Asking for more than 
that would put AfriNIC in an awkward position.


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