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[AfriNIC-rpd] IPV6 Adoption

John Hay jhay at
Fri Mar 28 16:07:14 UTC 2008

On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 04:36:08PM +0200, Graham Beneke wrote:
> Mark J Elkins wrote:
> >Agreed. I'm also surprised by the lack of take-up of IPv6 address 
> >allocations.  Perhaps AfriNIC could add incentive by not billing 
> >anything for holding IPv6 address space (still charge the initial fee) 
> >until we run out of IPv4. That way - it doesn't matter if people get 
> >address space now or later - everyone starts to pay at the same time.
> >This should not effect the income stream of AfriNIC because the same 
> >people will still be paying for IPv4 addresses - for quite a few years 
> >still...
> >
> >If its not going to effect the bean-counters of the IPS's that the 
> >Techies work for - Techies will get their addresses.
> >If Techies have their IPv6 allocations/assignments - they'll want to 
> >play with them.
> >Things may just happen (snowball) a little faster.
> >
> There is a lot of enthusiasm and interest in IPv6 amongst the 
> techies/enthusiasts/tinkerers/early adopters who are involved in the 
> JAWUG project. However there is no enthusiasm to spend the money 
> required to obtain global unicast addressing resources.
> At this stage I think it is very clear that we need to be nurturing any 
> enthusiasm that exists for IPv6. I would support any policies/fees 
> schedules that would promote this further.

For now what I did in the ptamesh is to use RFC 4193 - Unique Local IPv6
Unicast Addresses. We use that for the mesh itself and also for those
that cannot get real IPv6 space. Those that work for Meraka/CSIR get
a subnet from the Meraka/CSIR block. Also the inside of our mesh is
IPv6 only. If you need IPv4, you need to tunnel it. :-)

Part of the reasoning for using the rfc 4193 space was that PI was not
available when we started. Also the ptamesh itself does not provide
internet connectivity. Just as you need to get IPv4 space from your
ISP, you need to get IPv6 space.

John Hay -- John.Hay at / jhay at

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