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[AfriNIC-rpd] Global_Policy_IPv4_proposal

Hytham EL Nakhal hytham at
Mon Sep 17 14:47:35 UTC 2007

Dear Philip,
First, It's a global policy not a regional policy, So I don't think it'll be wise if we state in the policy what should be done by RIRs regarding the last allocation of /8 blocks . It's related to each RIR community to develop their policies and requests for these /8 blocks.. What I mean is to take it step by step, i.e. first get consensus on equal distribution of the last /8 blocks; then each RIR could plan/develop policies for the use of these /8. As mentioned before in our discussions in APNIC mailing list they could use it for example (not limited to) New comers, National projects, supporting existing LIRs for deploying Dual stack, critical operation (not to discuss what's meant by critical operation now, as we have agreed on), allow for a grace time for all existing LIRs for soft-landing of IPv4 in their networks.
And as you have seen in APNIC meeting there are a lot of concern was expressed about what would happen to that final /8 blocks that APNIC would get ?.... so let's take it step by step.
Sorry it's not a "land grab". We all in the same boat, what will happened ,for example, if ARIN coming the next in queue after AfriNIC requesting for /8 blocks from IANA whereas IANA has only the last /8 blocks enough for AfriNIC request ? I think it's better for all to know in advance their last allocation.. 
Again and Again and Again, That's not contradict in anyway with IPv6 awareness/deploying, That's for soft-landing, keeping stability of the current operation of the existing LIRs till transition to IPv6 and IPv6 become dominant ...etc.
Thanks Philip for your constructive discussion,


From: rpd-bounces at on behalf of Philip Smith
Sent: Mon 9/17/2007 12:33 PM
To: AfriNIC Resource Policy Discussion List
Subject: Re: [AfriNIC-rpd] Global_Policy_IPv4_proposal

Vincent Ngundi said the following on 12/9/07 16:12:
> Otherwise, I think the policy is OK as it is. I wish we would have
> looked at _equitable distribution instead of _equal distribution as the
> needs of the different regions are different.

I fear that "equitable distribution" stands a great chance of global
consensus than "equal distribution". Especially as the proponents of
"equal distribution" haven't discussed what is going to happen with the
/8 that the RIRs would get.

> But I think we all need to
> realise that IPv4 exhaustion will happen sooner or later no matter how
> much we try to prolong it's life time in the different regions. The best
> option is to deploy IPv6.

It seems that way.

> I hope we can get global consensus on this as soon as possible.

Ok, the problem is selling this in ARIN, APNIC and RIPE NCC regions. It
needs to be presented in a way that doesn't make it look like a "land
grab". People round the world see the different consumption rates in
each RIR region, but then wonder how /8 for each RIR can be considered
fair. And the proposals for the final /8 per RIR have not been
accompanied with any policy as to what each RIR would do with this final /8.

(From APNIC 24, week before last, JPNIC's proposal for one final /8 met
with more positive response than the LACNIC proposal for a final two
/8s. But a lot of concern was expressed about what would happen to that
final /8 that APNIC would get.)

As has been mentioned before, if an ISP applies to an RIR for a huge
amount of addresses, say rolling out a national broadband network that
needs say, a /8 (and this has happened more than once before!), then the
final /8 goes in one hit. If the RIR refuses to supply without any
policy to back up this refusal, what happens then? I know I've mentioned
"watch out for the lawyers" before now - maybe scare mongering, but when
there is demand without an obvious means of supply, people will resort
to more extreme measures.

So, a useful way forward for AfriNIC membership is to consider what to
do with the final /8 should that principle achieve global consensus. I
know it may sound premature, but I think if we have a convincing case
specifying what the final /8 could be used for, then I think the world
wide community will look on the proposal a lot more favourably.

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