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[AfriNIC-rpd] What is our take on the central pool IPv4 exhaustion?

McTim dogwallah at
Sun Aug 12 23:27:34 UTC 2007

On 8/13/07, Colin Alston <colin at> wrote:
> On 12/08/2007 23:24 Bill Woodcock wrote:
> > I think perhaps this rests on the assumption that the rest of the world
> > will be converting to IPv6 over the next couple of years.  While I'd very
> > much love for that to happen, the process has been going on for twelve
> > years already, and is likely to take another fifteen to complete.
> The assertion that IPv6 transition will take another fifteen years is
> completely ludicrous hyperbole and based on no fact.

It's a very accurate projection IMHO.

Your attitude
> merely prolongs the "chicken and egg" problem. The facts are clear;
> IPv4 is running out, IPv6 is the sustainable solution, _you_ want it
> as soon as possible. Do your self a favor and join an ARIN list and
> follow the discussions there.

Ummm, Woody is a very active member of ARINs ppml.

>THEY are gearing for definite switch dates,

I haven't seen this on ppml.

> APNIC already have done this

There is a proposal in play in APNIC, no flag dates IIRC.

 - where are we? More importantly
> where are _you_ and where is your business?

It seems you don't know, but Packet Clearing House is a "non-profit
research institute that supports operations and analysis in the areas
of Internet traffic exchange, routing economics, and global network

They work worldwide, they work with all the RIRs. They have clue. loads of it.

My take on IPv4 exhaustion is that the IANA has recently adopted a
policy (after several years) on IPv6 allocation to the RIRs.  I don't
see a global consensus on a new one forming anytime soon.  My sense is
that the IANA will be allocating according to the current policy until
it's all gone.  The RIRs will do the same.


$ whois -h mctim

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