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[AfriNIC-rpd] What is our take on the central pool IPv4 exhaustion?

Andrew Alston aa at
Sun Aug 12 22:01:55 UTC 2007

I'm not saying burn our bridges, I'm not saying that V4 is going to
disappear, I'm saying, stop doing things that discourage the implementation
of V6.  To keep prolonging and prolonging IPv4 usage without *forcing* the
adoption of V6 is NOT helpful to the continent in my opinion.

Further more, as for the statements that each year more and more v4
addresses will be used, this is based on the assumption that the V4 space
will continue to be available. Fact is at current allocation rates, the
world is going to run out. At this point, people are going to have to do
something very drastic to stay connected.  There are limits to NAT, its
already been discovered by certain networks where dual NAT is occurring due
to depletion of the RFC1918 space in their networks.  NAT badly degrades the
ability to roll out certain new technologies.  There are so MANY reasons why
V4 life cannot go on for the years and years people still seem to think it

Why would we want to continue to prolong V4 long after the rest of the world
has run out?  How does that serve us, all it does is buy us more time to
procrastinate and avoid doing what needs to be done.  People move when
forced to move, lets not give the continent another excuse...

At this point, can I propose that AfriNIC seriously considers the following
draft document put before the IETF by John Curran

Once again, just my 2c


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