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[AfriNIC-rpd] What is our take on the central pool IPv4 exhaustion?

Richard Bell richard at
Sat Aug 11 16:47:47 UTC 2007

I have not followed the debate in detail. However clearly the cost to operators of upgrading their networks are significant. Furthermore the relative growth of african networks is gaining momentum.  Since many networks rely on the second hand equipment markets to grow cost eff ectively and since africa has the smallest share of existing ipv4 allocations, why not do something radical like lobbying for afrinic to get the lions share of what's left..................

Kind Regards,
Richard Bell
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From:  "Adiel A. Akplogan" <adiel at>
Subj:  [AfriNIC-rpd] What is our take on the central pool IPv4 exhaustion?
Date:  Sat 11 Aug 2007 18:45
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To:  AfriNIC Resource Policy Discussion <rpd at>

Dear colleagues, 
Since few months now we have seen several analysis and papers 
about the IPv4 exhaustion. For everybody it sound clear that 
the exhaustion of the central pool will happen and that the long 
term solution is IPv6. And we are trying to do our best to raise 
awareness and support the community in that regards. 
But in the mean time we need to handle the remaining resource 
toward complete exhaustion of the central pool. In that regard 
several policy proposals have been seen in different regions (some 
as candidate for global  policy). Here bellow are some of them: 
Global policy proposal also sent to this list: 
Title: Global policy for allocation of the remaining IPv4 address 
[This policy suggest an equal distribution of the last 25 
remaining /8 among the 5 RIRs] 
 >>> Note: We haven't seen any comment here yet <<< 
Global Policy proposal not yet sent here: 
Title: IPv4 Countdown Policy 
[This policy make the number of /8 to be equally distributed 
to 1 and put emphasis on LIR information and definition of local 
policy in each region for post-exhaustion management of their 
remaining IPv4 pool] 
Local policy in ARIN region 
Title: IPv4 Soft Landing proposal 
[30 days after specified thresholds in the amount of address space 
remaining in the IANA IPv4 free pool are crossed, the requirements 
necessary for ISPs to obtain additional IPv4 address space are made 
more stringent and requesters must demonstrate efforts both to 
utilize scarce IPv4 address space more efficiently, set up IPv6 
infrastructure services, and eventually offer production IPv6 
I will like to draw our attention to the fact that the issue 
touches us in different way and our bottom up resource policy 
approach give us the right and the opportunity to express 
ourselves on the topic and propose policy that will be suitable 
in our region. 
We would like to hear from you on this. 
- a.  
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