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[policy-wg] Policy proposal: IPv4 allocation to End Users

Alan Levin alan at
Tue Apr 26 08:53:10 UTC 2005


On 26 Apr 2005, at 01:50, Bill Woodcock wrote:
> The approach we've been talking about in ARIN is to find a reasonable
> "cap" number.  That is, to begin with a liberal policy (like /24 
> minimum
> allocation) but only up to a certain number of allocations (like 250 or
> 500 of them) which is not enough, even if replicated in other regions, 
> to
> cause routers to fall over in great numbers.  This would have the 
> effect
> of creating another, African-specific, "swamp" of /24s.  They would be
> filtered out of the routing table by some people, which would make them
> less valuable than larger allocations, but they might meet some 
> people's
> needs, and they wouldn't become a big problem.  Moreover, by being 
> liberal
> up-front, you might find that you address a strong need of a small 
> number
> of organizations, without creating any difficulty for anyone else.  For
> instance, you might allocate a block of 512 /24s, and get a "run" on 
> them
> initially, allocating 100 in the first few months, and then five years
> later, you might find that you'd only allocated another 100...  No
> problem, it takes care of those who need it, without creating any big
> issue for anyone else.
> One approach to think about.

I think this sounds most attractive and useful for our region!

I also hope that we will be able to recover some of the "swamp" that is 
currently unused and already resides in Africa.




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