[IANAOversight] Re: Proposal for the Transition of the NTIA stewardship on numbers related IANA functions

Richard Hill rhill at hill-a.ch
Fri Oct 31 19:02:31 UTC 2014

Dear Seun,

Thank you for this.

As you know, my proposal is different in some respects, but I won't repeat it here.  I expect that whoever edits or compiles the first draft response to the CWG RPF will take into account all comments and proposals made on this list.

However, I will comment below on some parts of your message.

Thanks again and best,

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>Actual Proposal:


>- That the administration/allocation of IP resource which is currently solely based
> on community ratified - consensus based policy be maintained

Actually, at present it is the ICANN Board which ratifies the IP address policies.  I don't see the value-added in that, I would propose that the NRO be the ultimate ratification body.


>The GPDP (Attachment A)
>That section 10 be updated as written below:
>10. If the ICANN Board takes no action (that is, fails to take actions (a), (b) or
> (c) in Step 9) within the 60-day window, the proposed policy is deemed to be 
>accepted by the ICANN Board and it becomes global policy. In case Step 9 (c),
> should at least three of the RIRs agree that changes need to be made, the status
> of the proposed policy reverts to Step 1. If only two of the RIRs accept the case
> for changes, then the larger number against will supersede and the proposed
> policy continues to Step 11.

My proposal is that the ICANN Board should not have any role regarding IP address policies.

>That section 13 be updated as written below:
>13. If the NRO Executive Council (NRO-EC) and the NRO Number council
> (NRO-NC) indicates that there is agreement from all RIRs, the ASO Address
> Council may forward a new proposed policy (either reaffirming the previous
> proposal or a modified proposal) to the ICANN Board. Alternatively, the NRO
> Executive Council may indicate that the policy proposal shall be reconsidered
> by the RIRs community, and the proposed policy reverts to Step 1.

Same comment as above.


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