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Hello All,

In an attempt to formalise some of my comments here and there, i figure
writing a proposal may help clarify. Kindly find below what i propose as
important aspect to consider in preparation of the IANA transition for

*Background Information* (*Descriptions of relevant terms as it relates to

*About RIR*: A Regional Internet Registry (RIR) is a governing body that is
responsible for the administration of Internet addresses in a specific
geographic region. There are 5 RIRs in the world and AFRINIC is one of
them. Others include the LACNIC, ARIN, APNIC, and RIPE-NCC

*About NRO*: The Number resource organisation (NRO) acts as the ICANN
Address Supporting Organization (ASO), formed to review and develop
recommendations on Global IP address policy and to advise the ICANN Board.
The NRO consists of 2 part namely the NRO-NC and the NRO-EC. The NRO-NC is
largely represented by the members of community[1] while the NRO-EC is
solely represented by the 5 RIR CEOs.[2]

*About IANA:* The IANA is a set of functions and one of the function(s)
involves distributing IP resource to the Regional Internet registries (RIR)
based on policy set by the global RIR community through the ASO/NRO-NC. I
should also note that there has not been any known case where the IANA
operator refused to operate by the policy developed by the numbers

*About ICANN*: The internet cooperation for assigned names and numbers
(ICANN) is the organisation setup and tasked (by the NTIA) with the role of
operating the IANA functions. [3][5]

*NTIA Call in March:*
The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) in
march 2014 announced that it wants to relinquish its oversight role on the
IANA functions. I should also note that the NTIA's oversight role for the
numbers is purely administrative which is basically the awarding of the
task of operating IANA to its operator (as a contract), in this case the
operator being ICANN. [4][5]

*Actual Proposal:*

In view of the above, i am proposing the following:

- That the current operator of IANA function(s) related to numbers has
operated within the existing global policies and hence be maintained as the

- That the administration/allocation of IP resource which is currently
solely based on community ratified - consensus based policy be maintained

- That the current regional policy development processes be maintained or
improved upon in a manner that future improve community engagement and
participation in policy development

- That the signed MOU between NRO and ICANN contains the information on how
the number resource is to be managed globally, (which includes "but not
limited to" how the global policies are developed and the role of the
Address supporting Organisation (ASO) within ICANN) be reviewed in a manner
that ensures the final decision on dispute resolution rest on community.
The sections below will specifically require some review:

*The GPDP (Attachment A)*

That section 10 be updated as written below:

10. If the ICANN Board takes no action (that is, fails to take actions (a),
(b) or (c) in Step 9) within the 60-day window, the proposed policy is
deemed to be accepted by the ICANN Board and it becomes global policy. In
case Step 9 (c), should at least *three* of the RIRs agree that changes
need to be made, the status of the proposed policy reverts to Step 1. If *only
two* of the RIRs accept the case for changes, *then the larger number
against will supersede and* the proposed policy continues to Step 11.

That section 13 be updated as written below:

13. If the NRO Executive Council *(NRO-EC) and the NRO Number council
(NRO-NC)* indicates that there is agreement from all RIRs, the ASO Address
Council may forward a new proposed policy (either reaffirming the previous
proposal or a modified proposal) to the ICANN Board. Alternatively, the NRO
Executive Council may indicate that the policy proposal shall be
reconsidered by the RIRs *community*, and the proposed policy reverts to
Step 1.

That section 18 be updated as written below:

18. All global policies in full force and effect on the day this agreement
is executed shall continue in full force and effect *as the sole reference
for managing/allocation IP resource* until specifically superceded by
global policy outcomes from the process described here.

[5] https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/sac-068-en.pdf


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