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The concern is that board could take more time than expected. Other than
that, no other concern.
As per staff, staff serving as security? Security for what?


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> See comments inline
> - I don't think this have to go through board, i think it should go in the
>> manner similar to Co-chairs/ASO members election process; basically i am
>> saying the selection should just be done by the community.
> What are the fears if volunteers throw in their names and the board
> selects them?
> Do you want the selection to go through NomCom/Ecom?
> - Considering there is no much time i think there may be need to expedite
>> this timelines and it will be good to have the CRISP members all set by end
>> of October.
>> - May I also propose that the RIRs have the same timeline of members
>> formulation. Perhaps it will also be good to clarify the role of the staff
>> (as i am assuming secretarial but i may be wrong)
> My reading is the staff will be like any other CRISP member, but will be
> further security in-case any RIR feels it's position was misrepresented
> during CRISP discussions.
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