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Adiel Akplogan adiel at afrinic.net
Fri Jul 18 18:20:35 SAST 2014

Hello Seun,

[Sorry to react to this with this delay as I currently/deliberately limited my access to e-mails during this month]

On Jul 10, 2014, at 23:56 PM, Seun Ojedeji <seun.ojedeji at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have recently subscribed to this list but yet to see any mail come in. ;) (Perhaps this is because the coordinating team is yet to meet).

I have sent an introductory message to the list on the 4th of July. And you are right the first meeting of the ICG will give us more light on the process. 

In the mean time however what is expected from various community is to start working on proposal(s) which will be submitted to the ICG (IANA stewardship transition Coordination Group) at the defined time (the timeline will be published soon as result of its ongoing meeting)

> However there are 2 things I think we may want to consider at this early stage.
> - As you may be aware that ICANN recently shutdown the transition discussion list while forcing the global community to discuss via a "censored" forum. This act is unacceptable and I will like to read the view of the NRO representative (in person of Adiel) about this.

The NRO will likely have no formal view on this as that is ICANN own process. The NRO (through the different RIRs) will have its own process where everyone is encouraged to participate. The outcome of our process will then be feed into the ICG one. 

> - The other point I like to raise is about our communication mode; I strongly think for this particular task, that the 5 regional RIR should be discussing together and not separately. I will like to suggest we setup a list for the RIR to discuss this issue globally. I see this particular task similar to discussing a global policy,

But global policies are not discussed on a single list but rather discussed by each RIR community for regional consensus. Currently the process we are working on for the nRO is that each region conduct and report on their own consultation process (which we will be reporting for our region on at: http://afrinic.net/en/community/iana-oversight-transition/community-engagement). Then we will have a session at the end of the regional processes where staff will try to consolidate the various outcome so to produce a single proposal to be submitted to the ICG. The final proposal will have several points of input from the community as well. We will be publishing the NRO process timeline in the coming days.

> while there may not be time to follow the global policy processes, perhaps having a single list could suffice.

Not a bad idea and will share with my other RIR colleagues to have their view. I however think that having different process will contribute in preserving regional diversity in view. 


- a.
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