[IANAOversight] Stakeholder communication beyond region

Seun Ojedeji seun.ojedeji at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 21:56:18 SAST 2014

Hello Adiel and all,

I have recently subscribed to this list but yet to see any mail come in. ;)
(Perhaps this is because the coordinating team is yet to meet). However
there are 2 things I think we may want to consider at this early stage.
- As you may be aware that ICANN recently shutdown the transition
discussion list while forcing the global community to discuss via a
"censored" forum. This act is unacceptable and I will like to read the view
of the NRO representative (in person of Adiel) about this.
- The other point I like to raise is about our communication mode; I
strongly think for this particular task, that the 5 regional RIR should be
discussing together and not separately. I will like to suggest we setup a
list for the RIR to discuss this issue globally. I see this particular task
similar to discussing a global policy, while there may not be time to
follow the global policy processes, perhaps having a single list could

Looking forward to your view about this.


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