[IANAOversight] Comments on ICG draft Charter

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Below is my comments and proposed edits on the ICG draft charter

*b. Solicit broader input*.......communities, everyone’s input is welcome
across all

I propose this to be updated as thus:
......the ICG will provide a process to receive and review everyone's
input; this process will allow communities who don't fall within the 3
categories submit their contribution/proposal.

*(iii) Assembling and submitting a complete proposal *

......verifying that the whole fulfills the intended scope,

I suggest that the scope be clearly indicated. If the scope referred to
here is the scoping document then i propose the following rewording:
......verifying that the whole fulfills the intended scope as defined in
the scoping document,

....communities in a manner similar to what was described in task (ii)

Its important to clarify that there is always a need to public comment
whenver an update is done on the draft proposal. Inview of this, i propose
the following re-wording:

....communities in a manner similar to what was described in task (ii)
above and the updated draft is re-presented as described in iii above.

*(iv) Information sharing *The ICG should serve as.....

I don't know which is more action based between "should" and "will" but in
this context i think will may be an appropriate word here and this applies
to everywhere should is used in (iv)

.......the ICG members are listed, etc.....

Its important to indicate the moderation status of the content of the
website. So i propose the following edits:

......the ICG members are listed, etc.....all information on the website
will be publicly available without any form of restriction like user login


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