[DBWG] DBWG-2: proposal to auto-generate contents of the mandatory "changed" field in db objects.

Nishal Goburdhan nishal at controlfreak.co.za
Fri Jul 31 16:10:17 UTC 2020

On 29 Jul 2020, at 22:28, Ben Maddison via DBWG wrote:

> Hi all,


> I think that the principle is sensible, but the details might be

> tricky.


> The "date" part is easy to calculate on receipt.

> The "from" part is less so:

> - updates via the web-submission thingy

> - updates via the REST-wotsit

> - updates generated by tooling that sets the 'changed:' to the correct

> user but generates the 'From:' using a shared/dummy mailbox


> Having accurate 'changed:' is important for attribution, as the

> current

> legacy space saga reminds us.

nishal at slartibartfast:~$ date && whois -B -h whois.afrinic.net
ndg-afrinic | grep -A1 changed
Fri Jul 31 18:08:21 SAST 2020
changed: ben.maddison at domain.invalid 19990730
source: AFRINIC

are you saying the database is incorrect? :-)

> If we're going to solve this properly, perhaps referencing the mntner

> used to authorise the update is the way to go? (it's transport

> independent, less spoof-able, and maybe more useful for a later

> audit).

> Users could then provide an optional 'changed-reason:', providing

> email

> attribution and/or commit-msg things.

i support ben’s very common-sense suggestion.


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