[DBWG] more formalised change process?

Ben Maddison benm at workonline.africa
Wed Jul 29 20:44:54 UTC 2020

Hi Frank, all,

On 07/28, Frank Habicht wrote:

> Hi all,


> I'd like to split off Nishal's final question below into a separate

> thread. Subject is changed, but still a response to his email [1].


> Regarding the question about a formal way to submit requests:


> In my understanding we don't have a formal way - yet. And we (the group)

> have the power to give us one.

> It would likely add credibility and certainty/predictability to the

> group and the process. On the other hand it _could_ draw out some

> changes to take longer. I also think this is not 0 and 1 - middle ground

> can be there.

> Lastly, we'd need not only consensus about whether we want to formalise

> more, but also folk volunteering to draft something.


I think there are a few separate questions in here:
- how do we track/reference/manage proposals, to ensure that good ideas
aren't simply lost?
- do we want a clear "adoption" process where a proposal goes from idea
to WG work-item, and if so what does that process look like?
- what should the output of our work look like?

The answers to these depend in part on what the WG is expected to
produce, and the extent to which we are empowered to provide direction
on the WHOIS operation.
The current published charter (for want of a better word) [1] makes this
sound decidedly uni-directional.
Is there a revision to this hiding somewhere that I haven't found?



[1]: https://afrinic.net/committees/database-wg
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