[DBWG] Current routing summaries for LiquidWeb, Inc. and Fiber Grid, Inc.

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Sun Dec 20 03:20:49 UTC 2020

Included below are summraies of the current routing of the various
AFRINIC-assigned blocks belonging to ORG-LWI1-AFRINIC (LiquidWeb, Inc.)
and also ORG-FGI1-AFRINIC (Fiber Grid, Inc.) I am providing these to
the AFRINIC community in support of my prior assertion that no part
or portion of the AFRINIC-assigned blocks of these two companies are,
at present, being routed to any country within the AFRINIC region, nor
to any country or countries that are even adjacent to the AFRINIC region.

The routing summaries below were computed based upon raw data specifying
the specific ASNs that are routing each of the constituent /24 "C" blocks
that make up the totality of the registered AFRINIC blocks currently
assigned to ORG-LWI1-AFRINIC and ORG-FGI1-AFRINIC respectively. That
raw data was obtained by me, programatically, via the "RESTful" web
interface of the RIPEStat data base. The raw data from which the
summaries below were computed may obtained via the following two links,
or alternatively, directly fronm RIEPStat, for the benefit of anyone
wishing to independently confirm my analysis.



Additionally, the Perl scripts that I have used to fetch the above raw
data from RIPEStat, as well as the scripts I have used to compute from
that raw data the routing summary tables shown below are all availiable
from me upon request. I would be more than happy to have others
independently perform the same routing analysis as I have done with
respect to the IPv4 space currently assigned to ORG-LWI1-AFRINIC and

The routing summary tables below each contain four fields as follows:

1) Number of constituent /24 "C" blocks routed by the given ASN.
2) The AS number.
3) The applicable two-letter ISO 3166 country code.
4) The full name of the ORGanization to which the ASN is registered.

Note that a good deal of the IPv4 space registered to ORG-FGI1-AFRINIC
is currently being routed by RIPE-issued ASNs registered to "Inter
Connects Inc".

Upon information and belief, "Inter Connects Inc" is a Delaware (US)
corporate entity for which Mr. Deepak Mehta is either a beneficial
owner or else possibly THE beneficial owner. Mr. Mehta is of course
free to dispute this contention, as and when he sees fit. Please note
however that an entity calling itself "Inter Connects Inc" is also
currently represented within the RIPE WHOIS data base where it is
designated via the handle ORG-DMF2-RIPE and that the RIPE WHOIS
history of that organization handle indicates that it was previously
associated with "Deepak Mehta FIE":


Please note that AS393489, which appears in the second table below, is
officially a bogon (unassigned) AS number at present. Prior to the
reclamation of this ASN by ARIN, this specific ASN was assigned to a
U.S. company named "ADT Systems, Inc." and that company appears to
still be using AS393489, even though AS393489 is now officially a
bogon ASN.

Please take note also that the organization to which the RIPE-issued
AS58110 is registered (IP Volume LTD - UK) may or may not have any
connection whatsoever to the registrant organization for AS202425
(IP Volume, Inc. - Seychelles) which has for some time announced a
route to the stolen AFRINIC legacy block, said block
being the rightful property of the South African national government's
IT arm, "SITA", accoring to all reliable historical evidence.

The country codes listed in the following two summary tables, if accurate,
support my view that the AFRINIC-assigned IPv4 address blocks of both
ORG-LWI1-AFRINIC and ORG-FGI1-AFRINIC are likely not, at present, being
routed to any geographical points within the AFRINIC region, thus placing
both of these AFRINIC member organizations in clear violation of the
legally binding AFRINIC Bylaws.

This, of course, is in addition to and on top of the fact that both
organizations appear to have obtained some or all of their AFRINIC-
assigned IPv4 address space illicitly, most probaby by way of the
dismissed and disgraced Ernest Byaruhanga.

Current routing summary for ORG-FGI1-AFRINIC:
233 58065 UK Packet Exchange Limited
164 41564 UK Packet Exchange Limited
79 57858 US Inter Connects Inc
30 204353 UK Global Offshore Limited
13 63119 US Inter Connects Inc
10 60485 US Inter Connects Inc
8 46805 US Inter Connects Inc
7 48950 UK Global Colocation Limited
6 57972 US Inter Connects Inc
4 37518 SC Fiber Grid INC
2 40676 US Psychz Networks
1 50304 NO Blix Solutions AS

Current routing summary for ORG-LWI1-AFRINIC:
111 12025 US Iron Mountain Data Center
68 3356 US Level 3 Parent, LLC
64 1273 GB Vodafone Group PLC
58 43233 IR Fara Negar Pardaz Noor Khuzestan Co.JSP
49 35554 GB 8K Cloud Ltd
48 53271 US Phenix Cable
36 133847 MY Anpple Tech Enterprise
34 7029 US Windstream Communications LLC
26 36290 KN The Cable of St. Kitts
20 32181 US GigeNET
12 13768 CA Aptum Technologies
12 265515 MX Televera Red S. A. P. I. De C.V.
12 14123 US Midnight Proxies LLC
12 397373 US H4Y Technologies LLC
10 36445 CA Coextro
8 62217 GB VooServers Ltd
8 39535 GB VooServers Ltd
8 14935 US Monticello Networks, Inc.
8 18710 US Gkg.Net, Inc
8 40676 US Psychz Networks
7 209181 GB Zenex 5ive Limited
6 49367 IT Seflow S.N.C. Di Marco Brame' & C.
6 17511 JP OPTAGE Inc.
5 56309 TH Siamdata Communication Co.,ltd.
5 6327 CA Shaw Communications Inc.
5 17676 JP Softbank BB Corp.
5 28458 MX Ientc S De Rl De Cv
4 17941 JP Equinix Jpapan Enterprise K.K.
4 13213 GB UK-2 Limited
4 396356 US Maxihost LLC
4 36217 US NetActuate, Inc
4 137199 AU Emerge Internet Pty Ltd
4 397026 US Wi-Fiber, Inc.
4 54133 CA UnmeteredInternet.com
4 395046 US Sexing Technologies
4 202211 ES Manuel Mariposa Consulting SL
3 174 US Cogent Communications
3 7018 US AT&T Services, Inc.
3 32780 US Hosting Services, Inc.
2 262239 BZ Speednet Communications Limited
2 398252 US Big Red Communications LLC
2 393670 US Southern Fibernet Corporation
2 63073 US The University of Tampa
2 36351 US SoftLayer Technologies Inc.
2 393489 ?? {{unknown organization}}
2 397582 US WOW-World of Wireless
2 62904 US Eonix Corporation
2 26341 US Open Solutions LLC
2 25645 US Momentum Telecom, Inc.
2 63018 US Dedicated.com
2 46562 US Performive LLC
2 397336 US Virtual Sprout
2 23005 US Switch, Ltd
2 54900 US Alianza Inc.
1 28317 CR Boomerang Wireless S.A.
1 133120 AU Hosted Network Pty. Ltd.
1 60781 NL LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V.
1 52356 CR R&H International Telecom Services SA.
1 396459 US County of Venango
1 27362 US Archon Development Corp.
1 26375 US Airespring, Inc.
1 54578 US FiberComm LC
1 131455 AU Onsite Computers
1 59955 LB Advanced Broadband Services S.A.L
1 60257 GB Origin Broadband Limited
1 141158 MY Hiero7 (M) Sdn. Bhd.
1 397256 US Epyon Technologies
1 58110 UK IP Volume LTD
1 20473 US Choopa, LLC
1 14333 US On-Ramp Indiana, Inc.
1 30277 US DFW Datacenter
1 64286 US LogicWeb Inc.

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