[DBWG] minutes (and action items) from the last dbwg meeting?

Ben Maddison benm at workonline.africa
Fri Dec 18 19:59:05 UTC 2020

Hi everyone (and Nishal),

On 11/13, Ben Maddison wrote:

> Hi Nishal,


> They were sent through to myself and Frank some time ago, and we have

> not yet gotten to reviewing them.


> Apologies for the delay. We'll turn them around asap.


Apologies again for the delay.

As discussed during the last meeting, we have created an org on GitHub
for the WG, in order to provide a place to collaborate on documents (and
perhaps at some stage even code).

The DBWG org can be found at:


The first (and, so far, only) repository is for sharing and working
together on meeting materials, most importantly meeting minutes.
It is unimaginatively entitled 'meetings'.

I have committed an initial draft of the minutes from our 30 September
meeting, which you can access at:


Thanks to Simon for providing the content for the first draft.

If anyone has comments or amendments to propose, the best place to do so
is the 'issues' list of the repository. Or even better, by providing the
changes in the form of a pull-request.

I appreciate that not everyone is familiar or comfortable with tools
like git and GitHub. If you prefer to simply raise comments via the
mailing list that is also fine.

I'm happy to help with guidance if anyone has questions about the use of
any of the above tools, either privately or on the list.

Happy holidays. Look forward to being in the same room as some of you
during 2021!


(for and on behalf of the co-chairs)
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