[DBWG] Auto-renew ROAs

Amreesh Phokeer amreesh at afrinic.net
Wed Apr 8 05:56:42 UTC 2020

Hi Patrick, Saul,

On 6 Apr 2020, at 11:37, Patrick Holahan <patrickh at tenet.ac.za> wrote:


> - The renewal period will be exactly the same as the current validity date (i.e. not_after - not_before)

> If I set it now for 10 years, because there was no auto-renewal when I created the ROA, will the automatically renewed one also have a 10 year validity?

In that case, I think it would be best to make the renewal period adjustable (1-5 years, default 1 year) and emails sent when ROAs are automatically renewed (or prior).

For ROA created without the “auto-renew” flag, 2-3 reminders will be sent before expiry. Actually, to reduce the number of emails and instead of sending an individual an email per expiring ROA, we could send an email with all ROAs expiring in the next month or so.


> - An expiring ROA will be renewed 5 days before expiry (during this period, we will have two matching ROAs)

> Perhaps not directly related to this point, would it be possible to create a way to align the expiry (it may already exist/be possible just by setting the validity to a shorter/longer period manually by the administrator) so that ROAs created at various times might actually all renew at a similar time point to aggregate the administration and make it easier for people to ensure all their ranges are configured?

That would be a bit difficult to achieve. It’s not possible to change the date on a ROA once created, unless they are revoked and recreated.

Thanks for your suggestions.


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