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Hello Ronald,

Please see the response inline.

> On 30 Mar 2022, at 07:53, Ronald F. Guilmette <rfg at tristatelogic.com> wrote:
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> Eddy Kayihura <eddy at afrinic.net> wrote:
>> Court Updates
>> Coming back to the appeal that was initiated by Cloud Innovation Ltd,
>> you will recall that AFRINIC received a favourable judgement on 14
>> February 2022. As such, the case that Cloud Innovation Ltd had initiated
>> on 24 March 2021 is now closed. As for the other cases, those are still
>> pending, and we trust that they will also be dealt with expeditiously.
> I have a comment and a question about this:
> First, Eddy, why do you say "you will recall that" ?  Maybe I haven't
> been paying close enough attention to goings on in your (Southern)
> hemisphere of late, but I really didn't know about this development
> until now.


> Second, Eddy, it is my recollection that Cloud Innovation and/or Lu Heng
> had also and separately lodged a lawsuit for defamation against both yourself
> and against the AFRINIC Board Chairman.  Has that matter also been resolved,
> or is that matter currently still ongoing in the courts?

Still pending and for the sake of clarity the matter was initiated by Cloud Innovation only.

> Regards,
> rfg
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