[Community-Discuss] [members-discuss] Fwd: NRA/NRS petitions on behalf of Members

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Thu Jun 23 23:58:45 UTC 2022

In message <18191977235.1011e09f91506180.1612913540012952031 at cloudinnovation.or
g>, tech at cloudinnovation.org wrote:

>It is of great concern that we have taken note of highly defamatory allegations
>by Amin Dayekh and on behalf of MegaMore Broadband. We wish to inform
>the community at large that those allegations are denied in the strongest
>possible terms.
>Members should note that this matter is subject to judicial proceedings
>whereby we are seeking for justice against said entities. Any repetition by
>the entities or repetition of the claims by anyone else will be subject to
>further judicial proceedings.


    "In his Inferno, Canto XXI, Dante places barrators in the Eighth Circle,
    fifth bolgia of Hell."


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